Photo Restoration

Advanced Photo offers photo restoration and retouching services. Bring in old photos and be amazed at how much better they look after our artists are finished with them. We can fix cracks, fading, enhance color and much more. Current photos can be retouched to remove unwanted objects from the background, touch up skin, brighten teeth, eyes, and much more!

Pricing is based on many factors. Why not give us a call, stop in or live chat with us for more information or to talk about your restoration project?

These were recent restorations (before and after)


We removed two ladies from this photo
remove-2-women-and-put-the-other-2-next-to-each-other w18966_160831018_1_re_remove-2-women-and-put-the-other-2-next-to-each-other-1
We restored this to like new!
2016_07_18_08_50_400001 done-w18966_160718007_1_re_2016_07_18_08_50_400001-2
A cherished relative
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